Monthly Archive: August 2009

Names in the news

Barely a year out of law school I’ve seen some of my former classmates making news already. There were the two supreme court clerks, both of whom I know personally and thought I’d be surprised if they didn’t get the clerkships. Then there’s this headline from ATL today, which did surprise me. A good person caught in a bad situation that she did not create. Could have happened to anyone.

Another week




Finally got a full weekend off. On Saturday we went to Long Island, hoping to go on a fishing trip, but the trip got canceled due to impending hurricane. I thought it would be such a pity to let my only free weekend this month go to waste, so we went back there the next day to try our luck.

Our luck improved somewhat on Sunday, but apparently not enough. We did get to go on the boat, and the boat did head into the sea, but we didn’t catch anything big enough to bring home. Ping caught a small fluke, a sea robin, and a starfish (!). I caught a small sea bass. All had to be tossed back into the water. Anna brought back a small minnow that was used as bait, put it in a water bottle, and said, look, I caught a stinky dead fish.

A small fluke.

Playing the new digital piano she got. We ran into a Steinway sales rep in the mall the other day and realized that I would have to spend many, many sleepless nights working in order to be able to afford a Steinway piano. So when we got home we decided to get her a smaller upgrade and got her a nice digital piano instead. Until I can afford a Steinway and a house big enough to put it in there, if ever, this one will have to do.

Anna’s Memo Re:Lunch

When mom and dad were away at work today, Anna had this great idea of writing a memo to mom with detailed instructions of what to pack for her lunch tomorrow, so here’s what she wrote and gave to us when we came home.


“Mom, first put some yummy eel then put some colorful spagetti please please warm that’s how you prepare my lunch.” (spelled spaghetti wrong)

On an unrelated note, I got another watch today to complement my good old Shanghai, as the leather band on the Shanghai is getting uncomfortable to wear in the summer and is in any event falling apart. What I really wanted for my rectangle watch was a JLC Reverso Duo or a Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945, but this one happens to a lot cheaper and, yes, has better street recognition like I thought my Shanghai watch had. Most people around me don’t realize how famous and prestigious the Shanghai brand truly is (and for better or worse, lawyers sometimes do need to dress to impress lay people), so this watch will have to do the trick.





其间得闲的时候第一次看了眼快女,发现北外当年的何辅导员还在台上活蹦乱跳,算来也三十好几的人了看上去还是那么小,剪个Jim Carrey某部电影里的扫把头,很喜剧的样子。另一发现是某方言发音法似乎深入人心,即:所有的鸡期西都发成知吃师,效果是这样的:某人高喊:大渣给某某某渣油——于是台下观众怒吼:渣油渣油,耶——然后台上歌手说:射唉射唉大渣。





First Scholarship




Sleep Deprivation

Friday morning. Slept for about 5 hours today and thought it was a luxury. Had no sleep at all from Tuesday morning to Friday morning, except a long 4-hour nap at some point in time which I don’t even remember.

Sunday update: so the personal record is set. a total of 9 hours of sleep in 5 full days, 120 hours.