So this is the last post of this blog. I’ve always thought that this would be the one place where I share with my readers my darkest inner-self, and where I could ramble on and on about my should-haves and would-haves and miscellaneous blogger bloopers.

But that’s not going to happen now. In the past few days, I graduated from law school, drove home to Chicago, and made up for all the sleep that I lost in the past three years. In the next few weeks, I will go to Denver for a weekend trip in the Rocky Mountain National Park, get started on the bar prep course, and move to New York.

To me, law school has become a thing of the past—something that I wasn’t sure I could do but somehow managed to do; same goes for this blog—I had little idea that this thing could last 3.5 years when I began writing. I’ve thought about taking this blog offline entirely after this, but just like one can’t really erase things from the past, this blog has taken on a life of its own in the virtual space (thanks to google cache and the like), so I’ll leave it in place. Meanwhile, I will be less responsive to emails, but do send me a GMAIL (username littlenorth) if you have questions about law school (Michigan in particular), have a need for a (novice) business lawyer, are recruiting for the Chinese government (mofcom, fmprc, and csrc in particular), or just want to say hello.

Until our paths cross again,


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  1. ccccccccccc

    Thanks for your generous sharing, Littlenorth. Your blog brings me lots of useful input about law school. It also firms my determination to be a kind, open-minded and upright person. This blog grows on me deeply. Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. Raymond

    Thanks for your sharing. The email address is also my MSN ID.
    I hope to study in Chicago next September, which is a dream for me.

  3. lishilaozhai

    good to know u r not taking this offline tho~
    good luck in NYC

  4. liu xiao

    Thank you Littlenorth. This blog has been and will a great guidance to law school life for me, and I’m sure many people found and will find the same.

  5. lawrence


  6. Qiong

    Dear littlenorth,

    I started reading your blog when I was searching for law school information. But it ended up giving me far more than what I orginally expected. Thanks for sharing this wonderful chapter of your life, it inspired me so much and will continue to every time I come back here.

  7. weqinfo

    Thank you for providing us your stories. Take care.

  8. aquariusmoon

    Once again, thanks for everything.

    Maybe it takes long for our paths to cross again, yet I’ve learned from you that every day should work out for the better, in one way or another.

    Take care and all the best !

  9. willmich

    Pls do not leave us Littlenorth, i know u might be extremely busy when u began ur career in lawfirm, it’s just a comma, rather than a full stop. I think a lot of us still looking forward to your fresh life in such a top law firm! We need u! U r an icon!

    i am recently made up my mind to attend the lsat, and suppose my JD in Sep09. i will sacrifize my job as a management trainee in an airline. I am happy that i finally find a career i love.

    I am now working in hongkong, my next stop, hopefully, is NYC! Bless me!
    and best wishes to you and good luck!

  10. Q

    take care and thanks for everything.

  11. Lu


  12. long time lurker

    I have been reading your blogs from the very beginning and now feel obligated to leave a thank you comment. You writings are very insightful and informative.
    Take care!

  13. John Wang

    Law is king of all.
    Sure enough, you will pass the bar very soon.

  14. sleeper

    thanks for sharing and the very best wishes!

  15. CJ


  16. Sean Ciao

    I’ve waited for this post for a while. Thank you for sharing with us this special phase of your life which inadverdently enriches others’ souls.

  17. 呵呵

    Well, it took me a while to finish this response, I thought I had a lot to say, but now, I only want to say: thank you and all the best!

  18. xyqs




  19. 挥手~

  20. mmmary

    I will really miss you.
    Hope you all the best in your attorney career. Have fun:)

  21. 小月


  22. yaya

    Thanks for sharing your joys and sorrows of your daily life here. The stories about your daughter are so sweet:) I never wrote a comment though I’ve known this blog for quite a long time. So this first one will be the last. Really wanna wish you a happy life. Gonna miss you. Best wishes to your family.

  23. Danny Song


  24. Haiyan


  25. Seven


  26. Seven


  27. Nicole

    在你的博克里受益良多! 希望能一直开放,所有将读法学院的中国同胞都将受益! 期待小北再回来!


  28. jen

    写了一封邮件,发到您的gmail了,请教关于law school的问题,不知道您收到没有,邮件名字有点长,有点担心会去到垃圾邮件,所以再留言一次。。。

  29. SY


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